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Training Courses
CodeCourse NameAdvertiseType
IVESCBFO2-Day Express Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer01005,01011,
CPRADVAdvanced First Aid, CPR & AED01001,
ADVWEATHAdverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope01006,
ADWTTT16Adverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope, 16 Hour Train-the-Trainer01006,
ADWTHTTTAdverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope, 8 Hour Train-the-Trainer01006,
IVESAERIAerial Lift Trainer Certification01005,01011,
AA25Alive at 25, Defensive Driving Course01006,
ARCFLASHArc Flash Electrical Safety [Based on NFPA 70E]: Qualified Person01005,
DDCADDAttitudinal Dynamics of Driving01006,
ADDTTTAttitudinal Dynamics of Driving eLearning Instructor Certification Course01006,
ATVSAFEATV/UTV Safety Awareness01002,01006,01005,01014,
BLSHCPBasic Life Support for Health Care and Professional Rescuers01001,
BLDBRNPBloodborne & Airborne Pathogens01001,01014,
BLDBRNONBloodborne & Airborne Pathogens - Online01007,01001,01014,
BNLICRSBreathing New Life Into The Control of Respirable Silica01005,01003,01004,
BSMSBuilding a Safety Management System01005,01014,
EOPRISKBuilding and Emergency Preparedness Risk Assessment01012,01002,
COSSCertified Occupational Safety Specialist01005,
COACHME1Coach Me Advanced Behind-The-Wheel01006,
CCHMETTTCoach Me Advanced Behind-the-Wheel, Train-the-Trainer01006,
CONFSPCSConfined Space Awareness - Construction01005,
CONFGIConfined Space Awareness - General Industry01005,01014,
CONSP5HRConfined Space Entry Entrant and Attendant01005,
CONSP8HRConfined Space Entry Supervisor01005,
FOCUS4Construction Focus Four01005,
CPRCPR/AED, Adult01001,
CPRSPANCPR/AED, Adult - Spanish01001,
CPRPEDCPR/AED, Pediatric01001,
CPRFAONCPR/AED/First Aid - Online01001,
CPRFACPR/AED/First Aid, Adult01001,01014,
CPRFASPACPR/AED/First Aid, Adult - Spanish01001,
CPRFAPEDCPR/AED/First Aid, Pediatric01001,
CPRFATTTCPR/First Aid, Adult, Train-The-Trainer Course01001,
CRTCLISUCritical Issues Training Series 
CEOPCustomized Emergency Operations Plan01002,01012,
DDC4ONDefensive Driving Course - Online01007,01006,01014,
DDC4Defensive Driving Course, 4-hour01006,01014,
DDC4TTTeDefensive Driving Course, eLearning Instructor Certificate01006,
DDCDDONDistracted Driving - Online01006,01007,
DOTCOMPDOT Compliance01014,01006,
DOTHZMTDOT HAZMAT Compliance01006,01005,01004,
ECCS8HRECCS 8-Hour Refresher 
ECCSONECCS Online Refresher01007,01005,
EMREmergency Medical Responder 
EP&RPEmergency Preparedness & Response Planning01002,01012,
IVESARBMEquipment Operator - Aerial Boom Lift Certification01011,01012,
IVESBKHOEquipment Operator - Backhoe Certification01011,
IVESCOAREquipment Operator - Combined Aerial Lifts Certification01011,
IVESCOFKEquipment Operator - Combined Forklift Certification01011,
IVESCOLDEquipment Operator - Combined Loader Certification01011,
IVESCBFKEquipment Operator - Counter Balanced Forklift Certification01011,01014,
IVESXVTREquipment Operator - Excavator Certification01011,
IVESTRFKEquipment Operator - Rough Terrain Forklift Certification01011,01014,
IVESSCIEquipment Operator - Scissor Lift Certification01004,01005,01011,
IVESSDSREquipment Operator - Skid Steer Certification01011,01014,
IVESWHLDEquipment Operator - Wheel Loader Certification01011,01014,
ERGOErgonomics, Managing for Results01008,01005,
IVESEXUPExcavator Trainer Upgrade01011,01005,
FALLPROTFall Protection Awareness - Construction01005,
FLCMFPField Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Fall Prevention, Train-the-Trainer01005,
FIELDLEDField Leadership in Oil & Gas Extraction & Production01004,01005,
O&GFLTTTField Leadership in Oil & Gas Extraction & Production, Train-the-Trainer01004,01005,
FLSTTTField Leadership-Training Fall Prevention in Construction Train-the-Trainer01004,
FireExtFire Extinguisher Training01002,01012,01001,01004,01003,01005,
FIREPREVFire Prevention01014,01005,
FIRSTAIFirst Aid01001,
FLAGONFlagger Training - Online01007,01005,
FIHFundamentals of Industrial Hygiene01008,01005,
GHSHAZCMHazard Communication/GHS01004,01005,01014,
HAZW24HRHAZWOPER 24-Hour Hazardous Materials Technician Training01005,01004,
HAZW40HRHAZWOPER 40-Hour Hazardous Materials Specialist Training 
HAZ8ONHAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher - Online01007,01005,01004,
HAZW8HRHAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Training01005,
HAZFRAHAZWOPER First Responder Awareness01004,01005,
HOWVIOLHouse of Worship Violence Planning & Management01002,01012,
INCINVIncident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis01008,01005,
INDRESCUIndustrial Rescue I/II01005,01013,
IVESTRIVES Trainer Recertification01005,01004,01011,
JSAJob Safety Analysis01008,01005,
LTOTTTLift Truck Operator Train-the-Trainer01011,01005,
LTOLift Truck Operator Training01011,01005,01014,
IVESLOADLoader Group Trainer Certification01011,01005,
MSILHAZManaging Silica Hazards01005,
FLEETSAFMotor Vehicle and DOT Fleet Safety Assessment01006,
MSHA46NEMSHA New Miner - Part 46 Sand and Gravel01003,
MSHA48NEMSHA New Miner - Part 48 Surface Coal01003,
MSHA46REMSHA Refresher - Part 46 Sand and Gravel01003,
MSHA48REMSHA Refresher - Part 48 Surface Coal01003,
OPIOIDAWOpioid Awareness01002,01001,01005,01014,
10CONSONOSHA 10 Hour Construction - Online01007,01005,
10COSPONOSHA 10 Hour Construction - Spanish - Online01007,01005,
OSHA10COOSHA 10 Hour Construction Course (ECCS)01005,
OSHA10GIOSHA 10 Hour General Industry01014,01005,
10GIONOSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Online01007,01014,01005,
OSHA10SPOSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Spanish01005,
10GISPONOSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Spanish - Online 
30CONSONOSHA 30 Hour Construction - Online01007,01005,
OSHA30COOSHA 30 Hour Construction Course (ECCS)01005,
OSHA30GIOSHA 30 Hour General Industry 
30GIONOSHA 30 Hour General Industry - Online01007,01005,
OSHA500OSHA 500 - Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction01010,
OSHA501OSHA 501 - Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry01010,
OSHA502OSHA 502 - Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers01010,
OSHA503OSHA 503 - Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers01010,
OSHA510OSHA 510 - Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction01010,
OSHA511OSHA 511 - Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry01010,
OSHA5810OSHA 5810 Hazards Based Standards for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production01004,01010,
OSHA7405OSHA 7405 - Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry01004,01010,
O7410MEHOSHA 7410 - Managing Excavation Hazards01005,
RCRDKEEPOSHA Recordkeeping01014,01005,
PECCOREPEC CORE Compliance01004,01005,
PECREFPEC Core Refresher01004,01005,
PECH2SPEC H2S Clear01005,01004,
PECBASICPEC SafeLandUSA Basic Orientation01004,01005,
IVESOPCPremium Combo Trainer Certification01011,
POSHPrinciples of Occupational Safety & Health01008,01005,
PSMProcess Safety Management01005,
PTDDDCProf. Truck Driver, Defensive Driving Course - Online01007,01006,
PTDTTTProfessional Truck Driver eLearning Instructor Certification Course01006,
QUALRIGQualified Rigging & Signalperson Training01005,
QUALSGNLQualified Signalpersons01005,
RSFTYPRORail Safety for Professional Drivers - Online01007,01006,
RSFTYSBDRail Safety for School Bus Drivers - Online01007,01006,
RRPTDONRailroad Safety Presentations01002,01005,
REASSUSPReasonable Suspicion for Supervisors01014,01002,01005,
R1PLUSRescue 1-Plus01013,01005,
RESCTECHRescue Tech II Certification to NFPA 1006 Confined Space Rescue01005,01013,
RBSResponsible Beverage Server - Classroom 
RBSBSONResponsible Beverage Server Online Training - Basic Server01002,01009,01007,
RBSLEONResponsible Beverage Server Online Training - Large Event01002,01009,01007,
RBSOMONResponsible Beverage Server Online Training - Owner/Manager01002,01009,01007,
RBSTTTResponsible Beverage Server Train-the-Trainer01002,01009,
SAFEINSPSafety Inspections01008,01005,
SMTSafety Management Techniques01005,01008,
STMSafety Training Methods01005,01008,
SCHOLBUSSchool Bus Driver Training01006,
SCHOLVIOSchool Violence Planning & Management01012,01002,
SELFPROTSelf Protection & Predator Awareness01012,01002,
SXHAREMPSexual Harassment Training for Employees01005,01002,
SXHARSUPSexual Harassment Training for Supervisors01002,01005,
SFTYASMTSite Safety Assessments01005,
SlipsEmSlips, Trips and Fall Prevention for Employees01005,01002,
MSHATHASpring Thaw - Part 46 Sand and Gravel01005,01003,
MSHATHAWSpring Thaw - Part 48 Surface Coal01005,01003,
SUPERDEVSupervisory Development01005,
SWRSuspended Worker Rescue01005,01013,
TEAMSAFETeam Safety01005,01008,
TCCONSTRTraffic Control for Construction Workers01005,
TCSUPERTraffic Control for Supervisors01005,
TCFSRTraffic Control for Supervisors Refresher01005,
TRNCHEX2Trenching & Excavation Awareness - 2 Hour01005,
TRNCHEX4Trenching & Excavation Awareness - 4 Hour01005,
VFSMVehicle Fleet Safety Management01006,01014,
VioPrepViolence Preparedness in the Workplace: What today's employees should know01002,
WRKRFATGWorker & Driver Fatigue Awareness01005,
WPTTWorkplace Trauma and Triage01001,
WPVIOL2Workplace Violence Awareness01002,01012,01005,
WPVIOL4Workplace Violence Planning & Management01012,01002,01005,01014,
WPVIOLFRWorkplace Violence Response Protocols for First Responders01002,01001,01012,