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Training Courses
CodeCourse NameAdvertiseType
DLEPRP01 Distance Learning - Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning01007,01015,
DLSHTE01 Distance Learning - Sexual Harassment Training For Employees01015,
DLSHTS01 Distance Learning - Sexual Harassment Training For Supervisors01015,
IVESCBFO2-Day Express Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer01005,01011,
ASRFEMSActive Shooter Response for EMS01002,
ASRTATTActive Shooter Response Training01002,
CPRADVAdvanced First Aid, CPR & AED01001,
ADVWEATHAdverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope01006,
ADWTTT16Adverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope, 16 Hour Train-the-Trainer01006,
ADWTHTTTAdverse Weather Driving Course - Slippery Slope, 8 Hour Train-the-Trainer01006,
1AEDChkpAED Checkup01014,01002,01012,01001,01003,01005,
IVESAERIAerial Lift Trainer Certification01005,01011,
AA25Alive at 25, Defensive Driving Course01006,
ARCFLASHArc Flash Electrical Safety [Based on NFPA 70E]: Qualified Person01005,
DDCADDAttitudinal Dynamics of Driving01006,
ADDTTTAttitudinal Dynamics of Driving eLearning Instructor Certification Course01006,
ATVSAFEATV/UTV Safety Awareness01002,01006,01005,01014,
BLSHCPBasic Life Support for Health Care and Professional Rescuers01001,
BLDBRNPBloodborne & Airborne Pathogens01001,01014,
BLDBRNONBloodborne & Airborne Pathogens - Online01007,01001,01014,
BNLICRSBreathing New Life Into The Control of Respirable Silica01005,01003,01004,
BlgSCultBuilding a Positive Safety Culture01005,01004,01003,01014,
BSMSBuilding a Safety Management System01005,01014,
EOPRISKBuilding and Emergency Preparedness Risk Assessment01012,01002,
COSSCertified Occupational Safety Specialist01005,
COACHME1Coach Me Advanced Behind-The-Wheel01006,
CCHMETTTCoach Me Advanced Behind-the-Wheel, Train-the-Trainer01006,
CONFSPCSConfined Space Awareness - Construction01005,
CONFGIConfined Space Awareness - General Industry01005,01014,
CONSP5HRConfined Space Entry Entrant and Attendant01005,
CONSP8HRConfined Space Entry Supervisor01005,
FOCUS4Construction Focus Four01005,
CPRCPR/AED, Adult01001,
CPRSPANCPR/AED, Adult - Spanish01001,
CPRPEDCPR/AED, Pediatric01001,
CPRFAONCPR/AED/First Aid - Online01001,
CPRFACPR/AED/First Aid, Adult01001,01014,
CPRFASPACPR/AED/First Aid, Adult - Spanish01001,
CPRFAPEDCPR/AED/First Aid, Pediatric01001,
CPRFATTTCPR/First Aid, Adult, Train-The-Trainer Course01001,
CRTCLISUCritical Issues Training Series 
CEOPCustomized Emergency Operations Plan01002,01012,
DDC4ONDefensive Driving Course - Online01007,01006,01014,
DDC4Defensive Driving Course, 4-hour01006,01014,
DDC4TTTeDefensive Driving Course, eLearning Instructor Certificate01006,
CCTEHDigging Deeper into Construction Trenching and Excavation Hazards01005,
DDCDDONDistracted Driving - Online01006,01007,
DOTCOMPDOT Compliance01014,01006,
DOTHZMTDOT HAZMAT Compliance01006,01005,01004,
ECCS8HRECCS 8-Hour Refresher 
ECCSONECCS Online Refresher01007,01005,
EMREmergency Medical Responder 
EP&RPEmergency Preparedness & Response Planning01002,01012,
ASTTEBASEmergency Response Tabletop Exercise01002,
IVESARBMEquipment Operator - Aerial Boom Lift Certification01011,01012,
IVESBKHOEquipment Operator - Backhoe Certification01011,
IVESCOAREquipment Operator - Combined Aerial Lifts Certification01011,
IVESCOFKEquipment Operator - Combined Forklift Certification01011,
IVESCOLDEquipment Operator - Combined Loader Certification01011,
IVESCBFKEquipment Operator - Counter Balanced Forklift Certification01011,01014,
IVESXVTREquipment Operator - Excavator Certification01011,
IVESTRFKEquipment Operator - Rough Terrain Forklift Certification01011,01014,
IVESSCIEquipment Operator - Scissor Lift Certification01004,01005,01011,
IVESSDSREquipment Operator - Skid Steer Certification01011,01014,
IVESWHLDEquipment Operator - Wheel Loader Certification01011,01014,
ERGOErgonomics, Managing for Results01008,01005,
IVESEXUPExcavator Trainer Upgrade01011,01005,
ECFTCExpress Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer Certification01011,01005,
FALLPROTFall Protection Awareness - Construction01005,
FPAGIFall Protection Awareness - General Industry01005,
FLCMFPField Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Fall Prevention, Train-the-Trainer01005,
FIELDLEDField Leadership in Oil & Gas Extraction & Production01004,01005,
O&GFLTTTField Leadership in Oil & Gas Extraction & Production, Train-the-Trainer01004,01005,
FLSTTTField Leadership-Training Fall Prevention in Construction Train-the-Trainer01004,
FireExtFire Extinguisher Training01002,01012,01001,01004,01003,01005,
FIREPREVFire Prevention01014,01005,
FIRSTAIFirst Aid01001,
FLAGONFlagger Training - Online01007,01005,
FIHFundamentals of Industrial Hygiene01008,01005,
GHSHAZCMHazard Communication/GHS01004,01005,01014,
HAZW24HRHAZWOPER 24-Hour Hazardous Materials Technician Training01005,01004,
HAZW40HRHAZWOPER 40-Hour Hazardous Materials Specialist Training 
HAZ8ONHAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher - Online01007,01005,01004,
HAZW8HRHAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Training01005,
HAZFRAHAZWOPER First Responder Awareness01004,01005,
HRETHigh Risk Employee Terminations01002,
HOWVIOLHouse of Worship Violence Planning & Management01002,01012,
INCINVIncident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis01008,01005,
INDRESCUIndustrial Rescue I/II01005,01013,
IVESTRIVES Trainer Recertification01005,01004,01011,
JSAJob Safety Analysis01008,01005,
LEADDEVLeadership Development Course01002,
LTOTTTLift Truck Operator Train-the-Trainer01011,01005,
LTOLift Truck Operator Training01011,01005,01014,
IVESLOADLoader Group Trainer Certification01011,01005,
MSILHAZManaging Silica Hazards01005,
FLEETSAFMotor Vehicle and DOT Fleet Safety Assessment01006,
MSHA46NEMSHA New Miner - Part 46 Sand and Gravel01003,
MSHA48NEMSHA New Miner - Part 48 Surface Coal01003,
MSHA46REMSHA Refresher - Part 46 Sand and Gravel01003,
MSHA48REMSHA Refresher - Part 48 Surface Coal01003,
OPIOIDAWOpioid Awareness01002,01001,01005,01014,
10CONSONOSHA 10 Hour Construction - Online01007,01005,
10COSPONOSHA 10 Hour Construction - Spanish - Online01007,01005,
OSHA10COOSHA 10 Hour Construction Course (ECCS)01005,
OSHA10GIOSHA 10 Hour General Industry01014,01005,
10GIONOSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Online01007,01014,01005,
OSHA10SPOSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Spanish01005,
10GISPONOSHA 10 Hour General Industry - Spanish - Online 
30CONSONOSHA 30 Hour Construction - Online01007,01005,
OSHA30COOSHA 30 Hour Construction Course (ECCS)01005,
OSHA30GIOSHA 30 Hour General Industry 
30GIONOSHA 30 Hour General Industry - Online01007,01005,
OSHA500OSHA 500 - Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction01010,
OSHA501OSHA 501 - Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry01010,
OSHA502OSHA 502 - Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers01010,
OSHA503OSHA 503 - Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers01010,
OSHA510OSHA 510 - Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction01010,
OSHA511OSHA 511 - Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry01010,
OSHA5810OSHA 5810 Hazards Based Standards for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production01004,01010,
OSHA7405OSHA 7405 - Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry01004,01010,
O7410MEHOSHA 7410 - Managing Excavation Hazards01005,
RCRDKEEPOSHA Recordkeeping01014,01005,
PECCOREPEC CORE Compliance01004,01005,
PECREFPEC Core Refresher01004,01005,
PECH2SPEC H2S Clear01005,01004,
PECBASICPEC SafeLandUSA Basic Orientation01004,01005,
IVESOPCPremium Combo Trainer Certification01011,
POSHPrinciples of Occupational Safety & Health01008,01005,
PSMProcess Safety Management01005,
PTDDDCProf. Truck Driver, Defensive Driving Course - Online01007,01006,
PTDTTTProfessional Truck Driver eLearning Instructor Certification Course01006,
QUALRIGQualified Rigging & Signalperson Training01005,
QUALSGNLQualified Signalpersons01005,
RSFTYPRORail Safety for Professional Drivers - Online01007,01006,
RSFTYSBDRail Safety for School Bus Drivers - Online01007,01006,
RRPTDONRailroad Safety Presentations01002,01005,
REASSUSPReasonable Suspicion for Supervisors01014,01002,01005,
R1PLUSRescue 1-Plus01013,01005,
RESCTECHRescue Tech II Certification to NFPA 1006 Confined Space Rescue01005,01013,
RBSResponsible Beverage Server - Classroom 
RBSBSONResponsible Beverage Server Online Training - Basic Server01002,01009,01007,
RBSLEONResponsible Beverage Server Online Training - Large Event01002,01009,01007,
RBSOMONResponsible Beverage Server Online Training - Owner/Manager01002,01009,01007,
RBSTTTResponsible Beverage Server Train-the-Trainer01002,01009,
SAFEINSPSafety Inspections01008,01005,
SMTSafety Management Techniques01005,01008,
STMSafety Training Methods01005,01008,
SCHOLBUSSchool Bus Driver Training01006,
SCHOLVIOSchool Violence Planning & Management01012,01002,
SVPFPSchool Violence Prevention for Parents01002,
SELFPROTSelf Protection & Predator Awareness01012,01002,
SXHAREMPSexual Harassment Training for Employees01005,01002,
SXHARSUPSexual Harassment Training for Supervisors01002,01005,
SFTYASMTSite Safety Assessments01005,
SlipsEmSlips, Trips and Fall Prevention for Employees01005,01002,
SMSFSSSocial Media Safety for Schools01002,
SPGTHAWSpring Thaw01003,
SUPERDEVSupervisory Development01005,
SWRSuspended Worker Rescue01005,01013,
TSITCTeacher Safety in the Classroom01002,
TEAMSAFETeam Safety01005,01008,
TCCONSTRTraffic Control for Construction Workers01005,
TCSUPERTraffic Control for Supervisors01005,
TCFSRTraffic Control for Supervisors Refresher01005,
TRNCHEX2Trenching & Excavation Awareness - 2 Hour01005,
TRNCHEX4Trenching & Excavation Awareness - 4 Hour01005,
VFSMVehicle Fleet Safety Management01006,01014,
VioPrepViolence Preparedness in the Workplace: What today's employees should know01002,
WRKRFATGWorker & Driver Fatigue Awareness01005,
WPTTWorkplace Trauma and Triage01001,
WPVIOL2Workplace Violence Awareness01002,01012,01005,
WPVIOL4Workplace Violence Planning & Management01012,01002,01005,01014,
WPVIOLFRWorkplace Violence Response Protocols for First Responders01002,01001,01012,