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School Bus Driver Workshop: Safety Starts with You - Distance Learning     
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Your responsibility as a driver starts with taking care of yourself. This includes making sure you’re rested, focused, and equipped to handle the route and any surprises that may arise. During this course we’ll discuss conditions that could affect driver ability, including drugs in the workplace; driver fatigue; driver distractions; harassment; and post-accident procedures.

After this course, you will be able to:
• list the risks, signs and symptoms of addiction
• describe the types and causes of fatigue and effective methods for managing fatigue
• reduce distractions with pre-trip preparations and know how to re-focus when your mind shifts off task
• explain what harassment is, how to recognize it and what to do about it
• effectively apply post-accident procedures, including proper techniques for handling passengers and others involved.

Bonus! COVID-19 Bus Cleaning Tips
This bonus module will explore the unique challenges of bussing students during the pandemic. Participants will receive recommendations for precautionary measures such as seating plans and PPE, as well as sanitation guidelines and fogging best practices.

What is NDSC Distance Learning? This virtual course is not pre-recorded. You’ll be virtually face-to-face with an instructor who will guide you and other students through an interactive digital training experience from the comfort of your office, home or wherever you are.
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Registration $65.00 member/non-member
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Course Code: SBusSSWY
Course Length: 3 hours

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